About Us

The Engineering Student Council (ESC) is the main Engineering student organization for the Bagley College of Engineering, one of the top five leaders in engineering education in the Southeast. The ESC is not only a local council, but it also participates in the National Association of Engineering Student Councils (NAESC) for both the nation and the Southeast region.

The ESC has the advantage of being a tight-knit group in which members can trust in the quality of work being done to accomplish various tasks and goals. With very hard working individuals and an experienced executive board, the ESC produces materials, programs, and events that benefit the College of Engineering and enhance the Engineering experience at Mississippi State.

With strong ties to the Dean of Engineering, a great wealth of information flows into the ESC. With these resources, the ESC is able to eliminate any misconceptions concerning the College of Engineering and its many initiatives.

With student representatives from each class, the ESC is able to respond adequately to the questions, demands, and suggestions offered by any student. By meeting and supplying Engineering student needs, the ESC is capable of reaching each Engineering major on campus. This is done by maintaining a representative from each Engineering society, and representatives from each Engineering major. To become involved with the ESC, either as a student representative or society representative, please contact our Director of Recruitment, Stephen Diaz, for meeting times and dates.

As one can see, the ESC’s involvement in the Bagley College of Engineering is very critical to the Engineering experience at Mississippi State University. We encourage all engineers to join our council, and help the continued growth of the Bagley College of Engineering.